Mission Statement

The Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending (CAPPS) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy and advocacy organization that works to reduce the social and economic cost of mass incarceration. Because policy choices, not crime rates, determine corrections spending, we advocate re-examining those policies and shifting resources to services proven to prevent crime, better prepare people for success after release, and improve the quality of life for all Michigan residents.

Who we are

Our members are people and organizations concerned about corrections spending and Michigan’s over-reliance on incarceration. They include policymakers; corrections, education, human service, and criminal justice professionals; leaders of civil rights, community, business and faith organizations; as well as prisoners and their families.

What we do

CAPPS develops evidence-based proposals for safely reducing the prison population and corrections spending. We inform policymakers, advocacy groups, affected communities and the general public about our issues through our website, FaceBook, Consensus newsletter, research reports, legislative testimony and public presentations. We also collaborate with a wide range of organizations and coalitions.

CAPPS spotlight

Important reading:

CAPPS latest report: 10,000 fewer Michigan prisoners: Strategies to reach the goal.  

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