Barbara Levine: Parole process needs reform
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  • on January 1, 2009 -

Barbara Levine: Parole process needs reform

High-profile case obscures plight of others

This guest editorial is still relevant to today’s debates.

“ . . . While acts of clemency are good news, the focus on commutations obscures the fact that there are 11,000 Michigan prisoners currently eligible for parole who the parole board has chosen not to release. (This number does not include 4,000 people returned to prison as parole violators.)

People who have served their minimum terms don’t need executive clemency.

Many have excellent prison records and are at low risk of re-offending according to the board’s risk assessment tool. So why are they still in prison?” Click here to read the full report.


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  1. Jim DiVietri, Lansing, Mich.
    January 13, 2014

    I was one the 2500 inmates let go in 2003 from the St. of Michigan prison system. The state cut mandatory drug sentences for first time non violent drug offenders in half. I am trying to find out the recidivism rate for those that were let go in 2003. The last figure I remember was in 2008 and that was 9%. I think the overall recidivism rate for Michigan is around 33% or more? If you could help me obtain those figures I would appreciate it. The Lansing St. Journal wanted to do a story about me. I want to make the article about drug law reform of which I am an advocate. So if you could help me I would appreciate it. Thanks, Jim

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