Presumptive Parole

Presumptive Parole

Presumptive Parole

Much of the growth Michigan’s average prison length of stay and, consequently, the prisoner population, has been caused by the decline in parole grant rates. Thousands of prisoners with good institutional records who have served their minimum sentences are denied release every year.

CAPPS advocates for granting parole to prisoners when they first become eligible (presumptive parole), unless they  have a history of serious institutional misconduct.

Presumptive parole would implement the minimum sentence, ensure objectivity and consistency in parole decisions, increase parole grant rates and significantly decrease corrections costs.  It would also help to depoliticize the parole process.

Click here to read our latest handout on presumptive parole:  Parole at first eligibility 9-17-14

Click here to read about how we calculated the savings: Savings-from-Presumptive-Parole-2013-dispositions-4-30-14



  1. Tina
    November 11, 2013

    The parole board needs to stop using there authority around cause if it was their love one they would love for them to be released too.

  2. ann
    September 19, 2014

    wasn’t TIS supposed to eliminate the need for a parole board and save money so why do they still have to do thier time and then get flopped by the board it seems like a lot of double talk by the powers that be just to get the bills passed that they want and then they do what ever they want any way how is that democracy

  3. mary
    October 29, 2014

    I really believe we need to revamp the entire parole board or something. I have a friend who is a parolable lifer. He has served 26 yrs. In that time he has only gotten 1 ticket and that was for going outside during dangerous lightening warning. The papers that the mdoc fill out (i believe ) say its unlike he will ever do anything to end up back in prison. etc. Well when it came time for his parole hearing last yr or the yr before he got a note saying not interested next hearing in 5 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the paper work and the testing papers this is unbelievable. He is 61 yrs old. Had a good job never in trouble before with the law until this happened and he went to the police station and turned himself in.
    SOMETHING has to get done!!! He is not the only person this has happened to I know there are many in the system who need to be released…. Laws need to change…

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